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美国12月份生产者价格指数 (PPI) 出奇地疲软,加强了市场对美联储从3月份开始降低借贷成本的信心。投资者预计,工厂商品和服务价格下降将进一步缓解通胀压力,预示通胀正逐步趋近于2%的目标。



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Amid the dual positive factors of heightened geopolitical tensions and the anticipation of Federal Reserve rate cuts, the gold market is showing strong performance. On January 16th, spot gold closed up 0.29%, at $2051.05 per ounce, reflecting the strong demand from investors.

The surprisingly weak U.S. Producer Price Index (PPI) for December has bolstered market confidence in the Federal Reserve’s likelihood of reducing borrowing costs starting in March. Investors anticipate that the decline in factory goods and service prices will further ease inflationary pressures, suggesting a gradual approach towards the 2% inflation target.

Meanwhile, escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have also increased the allure of gold. U.S. and UK military strikes against Houthi forces, as well as potential Iranian involvement in the Israel-Hamas conflict, have intensified market concerns about regional conflict escalations.

Gold has now resumed its bullish trend. The price of gold has successfully rebounded from the bottom of its channel and continues to show a bullish stance. Bearish retests provide opportunities for long traders to enter the market, with each dip being an opportunity to increase long positions.

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