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During the meeting on Wednesday (local time January 31st afternoon), the Federal Reserve maintained the interest rates unchanged as expected but removed the language about further rate hikes from its policy statement, indicating the possibility of a rate cut in the coming months. However, the Fed did not suggest an imminent rate cut, and Chairman Jerome Powell’s hawkish tone led to a drop in gold prices and a significant decline in the U.S. stock market.

Powell clearly stated that a rate cut in March is not the baseline scenario for policymakers. The Fed’s statement noted that although inflation has eased, it remains high, and policymakers are still highly concerned about inflation risks. The Fed’s policymakers anticipate a cumulative rate cut of 75 basis points this year but are not willing to commit to the timing of the first rate cut until more data indicates a continued downward trend in inflation.

Market analysts suggest that the Fed is not in a hurry to loosen monetary policy as quickly as the market expected, needing more conclusive data on inflation before initiating the first rate cut. This stance is a setback for investors who expected the rate cuts to begin as early as March.

The reactions of spot gold and the U.S. stock market reflect the market’s sensitivity to the Fed’s policy. In the forex market, the U.S. Dollar Index also showed this uncertainty, rebounding from its lows on Wednesday, indicating a market reassessment of the rate cut expectations.

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