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In the current volatile economic environment, spot gold during the Asian session on Thursday (February 8th) demonstrated narrow fluctuations, trading around $2036.71 per ounce. This volatility reflects the market’s anticipation for further clues from Federal Reserve officials on the interest rate path, with concerns over demand intensifying and palladium dropping to a five-year low.

In terms of gold trend analysis, we’ve noted that gold prices have remained stable recently, indicating investors’ continued uncertainty about future Federal Reserve policies. From a technical analysis perspective, gold prices may continue to test the key support and resistance levels between $2030 and $2040 per ounce in the short term. The contracting Bollinger Bands and their near-horizontal trend suggest that the market might maintain its fluctuations within a relatively narrow range in the near term.

With a relatively light economic calendar in the US this week, all eyes are on speeches by Federal Reserve policymakers, as the market seeks new clues on when the central bank might start to lower interest rates. Meanwhile, the focus may shift to the inflation report due next week.

Recent statements from Federal Reserve officials convey that, although rate cuts could commence if the US economy performs as expected, the battle against inflation is “far from over.” Faced with persistently high inflation, Fed policymakers have expressed concerns that acting on rates too soon could exacerbate price pressures, a cautionary note that requires vigilance.

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