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“我出生在这里的!你们不是!” 一个满嘴脏话的女性说,“你只是养育这些东西(指孩子们)······老鼠。”


上星期五(15日),已有两个孩子(一个三岁的儿子和一个四个月大的婴儿)的年轻亚裔母亲与丈夫在Westfield Carousel亲身经历并拍下了当时的场景。

“我出生在这里的!你们不是!” 一个满嘴脏话的女性说,“你只是养育这些东西(指孩子们)······老鼠。”



这位母亲在上传至脸书的视频中写道:“我们在Woolies carousel购物时发生了一件非常不愉快的事情。我很难过我的孩子们要有这样的经历,尤其是那个三岁的孩子。他当时非常震惊和害怕。”

Repost from Rita Wang"We were doing grocery at Woolies carousel last night and had a very unpleasant episode. I’m so sad our little kids had to experience this , especially the 3 year old was shocked . I waited outside woolies with our 4 month old baby in the pram while my hubby and our 3 year old were paying at the checkout. This woman suddenly had a go at an African security guard really just out of the blue, then quickly she turned her fire to a Middle East looking security guard , asking him to “ get out of this country , you don’t belong here.” I was next to the guy and thought she was rude , so I said to this woman “ please leave this gentleman alone” She then starts yelling at us :” you bloody Asians shouldn’t be here either, you get out of this country “She points at our boys, she says “ you guys shouldn’t breed these little rats here “. Our big boy was totally shocked and terrified .Big “thank you “ to a number of woolies staff who kindly escorted us all the way to our car and offered to be witnesses if we wanted to call the police . Well, we work hard and we pay tax, we serve in community service and we are kind to anyone we meet ( regardless of their race). Australia is a beautiful country and we love the people here. Shouldn’t we love one another and live in harmony? Shouldn’t we pay great respect to the aboriginal people who are the true owners of this land? Its all God’s creation after all, and His command is “ love one another”, and “ love your neighbour as yourself “ ❤️?Credit to Rita Wang

Posted by SarisaringBalita on Tuesday, November 19, 2019